Jamaica Partnership for Education

"If you could help improve Jamaica's future, would you?"



Do you love Jamaica? Do you care about Jamaica’s future? Are you looking for a cause that’s worthy of your support? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then the Jamaica Partnership for Education (JPE) is a project you should support. With approximately 50 active school associations overseas and just under 1000 registered primary and secondary schools in Jamaica, there is certainly a large number of schools that need additional financial assistance. The Jamaica Partnership for Education or JPE is one of the few non–aligned, funds-generating projects designed to channel much needed financial help to schools in Jamaica. ALL schools have an equal opportunity to access JPE’s funds. The JPE is a fundraising project operated and managed by the JN Foundation.

Issues in Education

Education is a PREREQUISITE for GROWTH. Yet, for years, more than 50% of the Jamaican government’s budget has been committed to debt servicing, leaving behind precious little to maintain the sector and even less to improve it. Consequently, many of the core problems of our education system have not been addressed. The result is that many of our children continue to fall through the cracks THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN. Learn more about the Jamaica Partnership for Education.

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