LEARN MORE FINANCIAL LITERACY PROJECT parish-history-2 LEARN MORE The JNF Parish Histories project captures
Jamaica in its most authentic form, engaging
the Jamaican people about their parish history.
LEARN MORE Financing Water Adaptation in Jamaica’s
New Urban Housing Sector
LEARN MORE You facilitate JN’s support for things that
impact you and your community.

We believe in more action, less talk.

We work to have a positive impact on the lives of communities through partnerships with JN Group subsidiaries, NGOs, international aid agencies, local funders and other private sector organisations. We have a reputation as an innovative developmental agency.

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JNF AGM – February 27,2024


Our Projects

Through the strategic support of projects and programmes that contribute to national development.


Grant Seekers

We provide resources and support to engender the type of change that will develop a society that benefits us all.



Volunteering is as much a part of the fabric of Jamaica as is reggae and the Marley family.



Each and every ISupport project is the independent creation of someone like you.