``Saving is the fuel for investment: because the wealth of a nation is dependent on the savings of its people.``

- Earl Jarrett

Grants Manager of the JN Foundation, Rose Miller during a Financial Literacy Session at Up Park Camp.

Financial Literacy Overview

With a strong belief in the power of proper financial training and strategy to enable persons to become financially independent, the JN’s Be Wise Financial Literacy Project was launched in June 2013 in collaboration with the Inter-American Dialogue.

Initially targeting remittance customers, many of whom were unbanked, the programme has been expanded to include other groups, including children. Utilising a toolkit designed to debunk the myth that financial independence is a dream attainable by only a few, the workshops promote the idea that with knowledge, discipline, and commitment, this desirable status can be achieved by many.

Revamped in 2015, the renamed Financial Empowerment Programme has become one of the most sought after programmes at the JN Foundation as individuals become more aware that proper money management is necessary in their quest to achieve their financial goals.


Save 10 percent of your income, give away 10 percent of your income, and allocate the remaining 80 percent of your income to all of your spending categories.


Savings generally represent only one part of an individual’s assets, and unlike investments, have minimal exposure to risk.


This is defined as money that is loaned by a creditor;it helps us make investments on our journey to financial independence.

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