``An Investment in knowledge, pays the best interest``


Since 1983, the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS), now JN Group has maintained a vibrant scholarship programme which remains one of the Group’s largest Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. To date, hundreds of students at the secondary and tertiary levels have received funding toward achieving their educational goals.

GSAT Parish Scholarships

The Ministry of Education, upon the request of the Foundation, selects a top performing student in each of the 14 parishes to be awarded the 5 year scholarship, totaling $150,000. The recipients are expected to maintain a minimum 70% average on year end exams to access their annual tranche of $30,000 over the 5 years.

GSAT School Savers Scholarships

The JN Bank Marketing department, with the assistance of the Ministry of Education, awards 3 students (1 per county) who have performed exceptionally in their GSAT exams and are also active in the School Savers programme. The 5 year scholarship totals $250,000 with annual tranches of $50,000 disbursed to recipients who maintain a minimum 70% average on year end exams.

GSAT Staff Kids Scholarships

JN Group staff members are able to apply on their children’s behalf for one of 15 scholarships awarded annually for the best 15 GSAT averages among all the applicants. The 5 year scholarship totals $150,000 and recipients are expected to maintain a minimum 70% average on year end exams to access their annual tranche of $30,000 over the 5 years. Applications are open June to August annually. A Scholarship Reception is held to celebrate and officially congratulate the GSAT scholarship recipients, affectionately referred to as JN Scholars, in September of each year.

The Tertiary Scholarships Programme

  • In 1993, the Society’s scholarship programme was expanded to include tertiary students.
  • Since 2013, five one-year scholarships each are awarded to students at The University of the West Indies, the University of Technology, and Northern Caribbean University.
  • In observation of the Society’s 140 th anniversary, a scholarship was extended to an employee studying at UCC. One award will be made annually to an employee who makes an internal application.
  • NCU, UTECH and UWI students are required to make their application through the scholarship office at their respective university.

Eligibility and Qualifications 

  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.3
  • Be a participant in extra-curricular activities
  • Be a JN Account holder
  • Must complete at least one year of studies
  • Demonstrate financial need


  • UWI: Be a student in the Faculty of Humanities & Education, Science & Technology or Social Sciences (Management Studies)
  • UTECH: Be a student in the Faculty of Architecture or Building and Land Management
  • NCU: Be a student in the Faculty of Business or Natural and Applied Science
  • UCC: No specific area of study