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Our goal at the JN Foundation is to represent the JN Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility mission.

We provide resources and support to engender the type of change that will develop a society that benefits us all. The Foundation operates both as a developmental and funding agency, through which we offer three main categories of grants that support projects and programmes, under the following themes:

  1. Financial Empowerment and Independence for all Jamaicans
  2. The formation and mobilisation of a highly skilled and educated workforce
  3. The promotion and retention of culture and traditions and
  4. Development of a Safe and Healthy Society

In addition, the Foundation is keen on funding high impact programmes that have a demonstrable capacity to be self-sustaining after the period of funding has elapsed.

The three categories of grants are:

  1. The Member Advisory Council (MAC) grants up to a maximum of JA $100,000 Click here for more details
  2. The Small Grant Scheme funds up to a maximum of JA $500,000 Click here for more details
  3. The Grant Fund provides larger grants in excess of > JA $501,000 Click here for more details 


  • Open to JN Members Only
  • Open annually from September to July
  • Apply through your local JN Bank Branch
  • Ceiling of JA $100,000
  • Submit your application via email or hard copy to the Business Relationship Sales Manager or Operations Supervisor
  • Notification of application is given in 4 weeks

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