Grant Funding Application Guidelines


  • Only initiatives being implemented by and applications originating from chapters of the JN will be considered.
  • Applications will be considered only if they are duly signed by the elected president and treasurer.

Thematic Areas

Submissions should address issues related to:

  • Road Safety
  • Youth and Education
  • Environment & Climate Issues
  • Financial Inclusion and Literacy

Project Selection
Projects will be selected based on:

  • Projected impact on beneficiaries/communities
  • Alignment with thematic areas
  • Rating in relation to the other applications/submissions
  • Evidence of need and consultation with
    stakeholder/beneficiaries (meeting minutes and register)
  • Cost

Application Opening and Closing

Open July 31, 2023 | Close August 31, 2023

Evaluation and Selection

All proposals will be reviewed by the JN Foundation, and if in alignment with eligibility criteria, proposals will then be submitted to the Grant Selection Committee for further assessment.


  • All official communication must be made in writing and sent to
  • Any change in scope, time or cost must be communicated in writing for approval and must be accompanied by the relevant supporting document.


All projects must demonstrate the potential to continue the funded work in a self-sustaining manner after the JN Foundation’s funding relationship has ended. This sustainability is to be demonstrated as a part of the proposal.

Fiduciary Management

Funding will be provided up to J $1.5 million. Projects with a total cost
above J $1.5 million will only be considered if evidence can be
provided that the additional funding is duly secured. Grants will be
paid in tranches, based on the project execution schedule and
milestones achieved.

a. Payments to all suppliers will be handled by the JN Foundation
b. Payments in full will be made against invoices for services
c. Payments in part will be made against pro-forma invoices for
services to be delivered