BUNKER’S HILL, Trelawny – Nature lovers from home and abroad can now explore the unspoilt biodiversity in areas of the Jamaican Cockpit Country, through the Bunker’s Hill Cultural Xperience & River Tour, which was officially opened to the public last Friday in Bunker’s Hill, Trelawny.

Clover Gordon, co-owner of the eco-tourism attraction, said the facility offers a “total Jamaican experience” with a variety of activities, such as: a nature trail for the physically fit or adventurous; river spa and cave exploration. The property also boasts a botanical garden and cascading waterfall.

In addition, the facility also offers cultural experiences, through performances of our country’s traditional dances, such as the Tambo and Gerreh and servings of authentic Jamaican food.

“Following the rigorous tour activities, the appetite that our visitors ‘work up’ will be satiated with mouth-watering Jamaican dishes, such as: our traditional run dung, roast yam, rice and peas, jerk chicken and jerk pork; to be topped off with cornmeal pudding, dukunoo, all cooked on a wood fire,” Gordon shared.

The facility will generate some 30 new jobs; providing employment for people from the community who want to work as tour guides, chefs, waitresses, ground personnel and lifeguards.

“All of our employees are from the surrounding communities,” Gordon pointed out, “hence, our operation is actually generating growth and jobs.”

Project Manager, Social Enterprise Boost Initiative (SEBI), Opal Whyte, explained that the Bunker’s Hill Cultural Xperience & River Tour is also creating “backward and forward linkages”.

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