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Theme: “JN Foundation Will Help You Find A Way”

Over the course of 2019, the JN Foundation, the philanthropic arm of The Jamaica National Group, delivered truly impactful initiatives, each designed to help Jamaicans to find a way. This was achieved through continued commitment to programme delivery under our five key areas of work: skills and personal development, education, health and safety, social empowerment, and the environment.

Our Financial Literacy Project, a flagship initiative of the Foundation, was relentless about engaging and sharing the tools and knowledge on managing finances with countless Jamaicans. A total of 3,179 persons benefitted from 71 financial literacy sessions held across the country. The JN Foundation team is to be commended for their commitment, which has allowed them to engage 23,608 persons since 2014, helping each to understand their finances better.

An ongoing concern for us at the JN Foundation is the number of persons who lose their lives unnecessarily on the nation’s roadways each year. For several years we have dedicated ourselves to raising awareness on good road use habits, to reduce the carnage on the roads. Through our X Marks the Spot road-safety initiative, a partnership with UNICEF and ABERTIS Foundation, more than 5,000 students benefitted from the upgrades completed under the initiative. Further, 15,026 primary school children were better able to keep safe on our roads because of their participation in the Police in Schools Programme.

True to our mission to inspire change across the nation, the JN Foundation partnered with UNICEF and the Ministry of Culture under the national theme, “Road Safety – It’s You, It’s Me, It’s All Ah We”, to support the rehabilitation of crosswalks all over the country. It was good to see communities and individuals across the country get involved.

Each year I am inspired by the young students we assist to complete their high school education, through the JN Foundation’s Annual Scholarship Programme. In 2019, some 264 high achievers were awarded scholarships. A total of 34 students were awarded PEP Scholarships: 14 were parish high performers, 18 were the children of JN members of staff, and two were specially awarded scholars. Eighty-seven recipients were repeating JN Scholars who achieved averages of 70% and over on their high school reports, and 16 university students received a one-year tuition grant.


The JN Foundation was especially pleased to award 26 student scholarships under our new scholarship offering – the Michael Holding Cricket Masters disbursement.

The JN Foundation Parish Histories Project continues in capturing the authentic stories and factual records of each Parish for the people of Jamaica to easily read.

Under the Water Project Jamaica, the JN Foundation pursued a dynamic programme to sensitize and educate Jamaicans to practise diverse water-saving measures at home and to improve their conservation of water with the installation of water-saving devices. This year, we piloted training in rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling for several developers, architects, students, and other interested persons.

Rainwater Harvesting & Grey Water Recycling Training Launch

(from left) Onika Miller, then managing director of the MCS Group, Therese Turner-Jones, general manager, country representative Jamaica, Inter- American Development Bank, Parris Lyew-Ayee, chairman and Onyka Barrett Scott, General Manager of the JN Foundation, Earl Samuels, Assistant General Manager of the JN Group and Leesa Kow, deputy managing director, JN Bank, smiling at the camera at the launch of the Rainwater Harvesting & Grey Water Recycling Training to Developers at the Jamaica Pegasus on September 11, 2019.

I commend the outstanding JN Foundation team, led by Onyka Barrett Scott, General Manager, and the dedicated Members of the Board of Directors for being steadfast and committed to ensuring that the JN Foundation delivers on its promise, to “help Jamaicans to achieve their full potential.”

Well done, Team JN Foundation!

Parris A. Lyew-Ayee, CD

Chairman, JN Foundation

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