The JN Foundation and the Usain Bolt Foundation delivered gifts to the young ladies at the Granville Place of Safety in Trelawny recently.

The occasion marked the official presentation of funds raised from the inaugural staging of the Heroes in Action 5K Run/Walk, under the auspices of both foundations, in 2015.

The presentation took place on the neatly manicured lawn of the home, which caters to approximately 700 girls who are deemed vulnerable and in need of special protection. It provided a welcomed departure from the daily activities at the place of safety.

More than 60 representatives of the facility, including wards and employees, gathered for what turned out to be a morning of inspiration, celebration, well wishes and electrifying entertainment.

In fact, the event was tailored specifically for the girls; and the objective throughout the event was to focus on avenues which will enable the advancement of the girls to become change agents in their respective communities.


Saffrey Brown, general manager, JN Foundation, expressed gratitude for the level of support shown to the beneficiaries, and noted that the true winners of the Heroes in Action initiative were the girls in residence at the place of safety. She also declared that the hundreds of runners, walkers and sponsors who supported the cause were “cheerleaders for a worthwhile cause”.

“The plight of young girls at the Granville Place of Safety influenced us at the JN Foundation to do something to make a difference in their lives. We recognise that communities in rural Jamaica are faced with limited resources and other constraints,” Miss Brown stated. “However, we were convinced that these issues could be combatted through solid partnerships and community-based activities designed to provide opportunities for the well-being of residents in Trelawny and, in particular, our children.”

The funds raised from the 2015 staging of the Heroes in Action Run/Walk will be used to construct a media library for the girls and to enhance their immediate surroundings.

The event was a celebration, with cheers of approval from the wards, who were made privy to the possibility of the project, resulting in the upgrading of the layout and increased comfort in their dormitory.


This announcement came from Rosalee Gage-Grey, chief executive officer of the Child Development Agency (CDA), who informed the residents that “this donation is quite timely, as we continue to forge partnerships to aid in the educational pursuits of the girls; and once we complete the additional building, we will be able to expand the dormitory to provide more space for residents”.

She also affirmed that “the CDA was heartened to know that through initiatives, such as Heroes in Action,’ we can provide additional support to our children who are going through hard times. We want them to be transformed to become change makers when they leave state care”.

In her assurance to the wards of the state, Winsome Wilkins, chair of the Usain Bolt Foundation, used the Usain Bolt’s story as an inspiration. “Usain would say to you, believe in your dreams, as anything is possible. If it happened to him, it can happen to you. Simply believe in yourself.”

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