When students at the Green Acres Nazarene Early Childhood Institution resume school after COVID-19, they will return to classrooms which are leak-free, courtesy of JN Bank.
“It has been more than one year since we have been trying to fix the roof; however, when it rains the roof continued to leak; and we had to move the children around to keep them dry,” explained Kalor Witter, principal of the St Catherine based institution.

She stated that JN Bank, through its Member Advisory Council, was approached for assistance and the financial institution responded favourable to the request.

“We, therefore, thank JN Bank for the work they have done. It is really appreciated; and we look forward to continue working with them,” she said.

Mrs Witter stated that the work, which included repairs to the roof, will provide a safer and more comfortable environment for learning; and for the preparation of meals, especially during bad weather. Signs were also installed at the institution. This, she noted, will aid in visibility and promotion of institution, to generate increased enrolment.

The 27-year-old school, with a student population of 73, serves the communities of Dover, Johnson Pen, Red Pond, Mercury Gardens, Old Road and Kitson Town in the parish of St Catherine.

A Christian institution, which caters to the holistic development of children ages three to six years, Mrs Witter said the school has been doing well; and has produced some excellent students.

Michelle Hinds, business relationship and sales manager, at the JN Bank’s Spanish Town branch, stated that she was happy that JN Bank was able to assist the educational institution.

“We are delighted to provide assistance for the school by repairing the roof. It is our hope that the students will be more comfortable in an environment which is conducive to learning even when rain falls.”

Miss Hinds pointed out that, “The JN MAC believed that this was a worthy cause; and, therefore, we decided to assist. The school is an asset to the communities it serves; and, it is our hope that the institution will continue to provide service in many years to come.”

Future community projects led by JN MAC will now be executed by the recently established JN Circle, a network of service clubs, which have been established to undertake activities that were previously pursued by JN MAC.

Contact:  Dionne Rose l JN Corporate Communications

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