Floyd Green, state minister in the Ministry of Education, Information and Youth, is urging parents not to discourage their children when they make non-traditional career choices.

“Parents, I must speak to you because sometimes the discouragement comes from the parents. Oftentimes when you hear your bright children say they want to go into non-traditional fields of endeavour, you are the one who says, ‘No, sah! Is how you going to survive?'” he said while addressing students and parents during the Jamaica National (JN) Foundation scholarship awards ceremony held at the JN head office in St Andrew yesterday.

Green argued that children should be allowed to explore more non-traditional careers so that they could take advantage of the changes in the labour market and the skills that are being required by employers.

Pointing to changes brought about by globalisation and technology, Green noted that the younger generation would be exposed to fields that were previously unheard of by their parents.

“Parents, you must guide them. You must question them and ferret out if this is really what they want to do, if they understand what they are taking up, and if they appreciate the size of their dream, but once you see that they appreciate that, then it is your duty to support them and encourage them along that journey,” he added.

Green further urged the 38 students who were officially named as JN scholars to take their education seriously in the pursuit of their dreams.

“Take your education seriously, and remember no matter what your dream is, you will have to work hard. There is no substitute for hard work; there is no such things as a easy road. There will be very difficult days, but you cannot achieve your dreams without hard work,” he said.

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