JAD Binders, owned and operated by the Jamaica Association for the Deaf (JAD), signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Bookophilia on June 29.

The MOU formalises arrangements between both entities in which Bookophilia will serve as a retail distributor and a “drop-off and pick-up point,” for JAD Binders’ products.

Iris Soutar, executive director of JAD, said that the partnership would allow the products from JAD Binders to be displayed in an easily accessible location. JAD Binders is located in Hope Estate, Papine.

“We see this partnership as one that will strengthen our efforts to ensure that deaf persons can lead a fuller life, totally integrated into the society, and improve their quality of life as finding employment can be a challenge,” she said.

David Thomas, owner of Bookophilia, said, he welcomed the partnership and that it would be mutually beneficial to both organisations.

“I think it is a very good product,” he said. “They produce unique journals, and more journals are being used today.”

JAD Binders, which is supported by SEBI, is a social enterprise that specialises in customised gift solutions. It has been offering an array of fine hand-binding services since 1994.

Its product line includes preservation binding, such as newspapers, periodicals, manuals; restoration binding, including heirloom bibles and treasured books; memorabilia; as well as the its signature Gratitude Journals and notebooks.

Opal Whyte, project manager of SEBI, said that the partnership would boost business for JAD Binders and would improve the visibility of the company’s unique products.

“We need more partnerships of this nature, where private sector companies create linkages with social enterprises,” said Whyte. “JAD Binders produces quality products and provides meaningful employment for the deaf,” she said.

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