The capacity of the Traffic and Highway Division of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has been bolstered with a new state-of –the-art Road Safety Management Facility and Community Resource Centre, or Road Safety Hub.
The 1,200 square feet Road Safety Hub was officially opened today (Wednesday, November 15, 2017) by the Most Hon. Prime Minister Andrew Holness at 16 Elleston Road in Kingston.
The Prime Minister commended the public-private sector partnership, of the JCF, in concert with JN General Insurance Company Limited; the Jamaica Automobile Association; and the JN Foundation, which made the Road Safety Hub possible.
He also noted that the facility will provide real-time road crash and network data by the Mona Geoinformatics Institute; and serve as a homework and resource centre for residents in and around Central Kingston.
Chris Hind, general manager of JN General Insurance, said the launch of the Road Safety Hub was a significant marker for the organisation and the wider Jamaica.
“We have been strong supporters of the Traffic and Highway Division in meeting its goal of reducing traffic fatalities. We see this as helping to meet our own goal of providing peace of mind to Jamaican motorists, homeowners and others with their general insurance needs,” he said.
He indicated that despite Jamaica’s grim road death statistics, he was heartened by what he observed, in terms of the strategic placement of police resources on our roadways, which he said is where the Traffic and Highway Division’s Road Safety Hub will make a difference.
“One of its key resources will come online from the Mona Geoinformatics Institute displaying the JNGI Fatal Crash Map with real-time road crash and network data,” he pointed out.

Calvin Allen, senior superintendent of police at the JCF said his organisation was grateful for the facility; and will make use of the real time data, which will be provided to enhance its strategic planning and policing of the country’s road network.
In reference to the United Nation’s Decade of Action for Road Safety goals; and the JAA’s membership of the Federation Internationale del l’Automobile (FIA), Duane Ellis, general manager of the JAA, said that he welcomed the role that FIA has played through its contribution to the Hub.
“The FIA’s support for our current road safety undertaking will not only support the provision of crash data; but, will also serve as a sustainable resource centre for residents in the surrounding communities,” he affirmed.
Saffrey Brown, general manager of the JN Foundation said that The Jamaica National Group was happy to have partnered with the JCF in such a tangible manner.
“The JN Group’s chief executive officer and chairman of the JN Foundation, Mr Earl Jarrett, has ensured that we don’t simply provide services around road use; such as, road side recovery and insurance; but that, as a group, we combine to provide realistic solutions to the dangers that our citizens face on the roads, daily,” she said.

The country experienced a decline in road crashes and fatalities in 2016. Last year it recorded some 320 crashes in which 377 people were killed. In 2015, the country recorded 382 road fatalities.

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