THE JAMAICA National Group has established a member welfare fund to ease the burden for its members and customers who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jamaica National Group CEO Earl Jarrett made the announcement of the fund while addressing a ‘JN Circle Catch-Up’, a video series of conversations about how Jamaicans can come together to overcome the deadly pandemic.

“We have identified funds which will be delivered through the JN Circle network and their membership, who will determine how these funds will be used in respective communities,” he explained.

Jarrett said the fund will be administered by the JN Foundation and will seek to address the needs of members in the 13 communities across the island where the JN Circle chapters are located.

“It could be supporting an individual, a cause, the community itself, or for sanitisers, masks for the police. These are things which the JN Circles can respond to through the pool of funds that will be made available to their clubs,” he explained.

The JN Circle is a network of clubs, comprised of JN members and customers of the JN Group. It was introduced in August 2019 and allows members and customers, who share JN’s values, to take action to improve outcomes for themselves and fellow Jamaicans.

“This initiative helps us to ensure we respond to the unique needs of our members,” said Claudine Allen, member ombudsman. “JN’s intervention will be relevant to each community and will reflect the will of our members and customers.”

In addition to the welfare fund, Jarrett said that the JN Group will also seek to improve the financial awareness of members.

“As we go through the period of this pandemic, our people also need to plan financially. We have seen some hotels close their doors, and many persons are worried about their jobs. Therefore, what we are seeking to do is assist persons to understand that even in this situation, there are things that they can do to manage the crisis,” he said.


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