The Jamaica National Group, through the JN Foundation,is inviting applications for the Oliver F Clarke Scholarship valued at $2million, to pursue post graduate studies in the field of leadership and governance.

Claudine Allen, general manager of the JN Foundation, says the scholarship, which is in its second year, was introduced as a celebration of the life and legacy of the late Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Jamaica National Group, media mogul and business stalwart, Oliver Clarke.

“The scholarship honours the memory of the late Hon. Oliver Clarke who passionately believed that good governance, anti-corruption reform along with strong, decisive leadership in the public and private sectors, are critical pillars for the development of a nation,” she outlined.

Deadline for applications for the scholarship is November 6, 2021. Persons can apply for the scholarship by visiting the JN Foundation website at

Mr Clarke, who passed away on May 16, 2020, was instrumental in the transformation of the local building society movement by encouraging the expansion of building societies from parish-based entities into urban organisations, while maintaining their strong mandate to serve their members.

Russell Barrett was the first recipient of the scholarship, which was awarded last year. A senior public procurement officer of the Southern Regional Health Authority, Mr Barrett said that being selected as the first recipient of the prestigious scholarship was an overwhelming and grateful feeling.

“I’m most thankful and excited. The donor’s name, in which the scholarship is presented, is itself most prestigious. Mr Clarke has a legacy of his own, and I am proud and honoured to be presented with this scholarship,” Barrett had said at the time.

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