The JN Foundation is inviting students attending tertiary institutions to apply for one-year scholarships, to attend universities and colleges in Jamaica.

The deadline for the submission of application is September 3. Prospective applicants are invited to access the application on the JN Foundation’s website at:

To be eligible for the scholarships, applicants must be: Jamaican; should have completed one year at one of the eligible institutions; and have a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0.

Applicants must also have a relationship with a JN Group company for at least one year, either as: a JN member or customer of JN Bank, JN General Insurance, JN Money Services or client of JN Fund Managers, JN Small Business Loans, JN Life Insurance; or a member of the Jamaica Automobile Association.

The scholarship is open to students at any of the following institutions: The University of the West Indies, The University of Technology, Northern Caribbean University, the Edna Manley School of the Visual and Performing Arts, The College of Agriculture, Science & Education, Caribbean Maritime Institute, the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean and teachers’ colleges.

Claudine Allen, general manager of the JN Foundation, said the scholarships provide the Jamaica National Group another opportunity to invest in the future of Jamaica.

“The scholarship recipients represent our nation’s future, because an educated population secures a brighter future for our country. It also provides our young people with the skills and self-confidence they need, to seek out economic opportunities,” she affirmed.

These tertiary scholarships are the most recent scholastic offerings by the JN Foundation, which will award students with five-year scholarships in September, in recognition of their outstanding performance in this year’s Primary Exit Profile, otherwise known as PEP.

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