WHEN runners and walkers gather at the Falmouth Pier in Trelawny on Sunday morning to participate in the Jamaica National Building Society (JN) Foundation’s Heroes in Action 5K, they will be supporting an effort to give the girls at the Granville Place of Safety, located at Carrick Foyle in the parish, a fighting chance to receive a balanced educational experience.

The money will be used to assist with the construction of a building which will house a classroom, media library, and sewing room at the place of safety.

Rosalee Gage-Grey, chief executive officer of the Child Development Agency (CDA) says her agency places great emphasis on education for all children who are in State care.

“We recognise that education is the key to the success of our children and, on that basis, annually we make budgetary allocations to provide quality education for them,” she stated.

She also pointed out that presently at Granville there is a two storey building, which houses the dormitory upstairs and other facilities downstairs; therefore, the proposed new building will be a welcome change.

“Once the new facility is built we will be able to use both floors of the current block as dorm space to provide more individualised spaces for the children. Therefore, we will move from an open dormitory style residence to small rooms, which would house four children; and provide some level of independence and privacy,” Gage-Grey said.

She said other things were also being done to make the Granville Place of Safety a state-of-the-art childcare facility in western Jamaica, and that the support from the Heroes in Action 5K will assist with this endeavour.

Saffrey Brown, general manager of the JN Foundation, says the run/walk, which is endorsed by Usain Bolt and the Usain Bolt Foundation, will provide an opportunity for pople to support a beneficial project while experiencing the charm of the historic town of Falmouth.

“The race route traverses the town, including a section by the sea coast, which will give runners and walkers a chance to appreciate the beauty of Falmouth,” she noted.

The run is being organised with technical support from the team at Running Events Limited and will take runners on a five-kilometre path that will include adequate water stops and distance markers.

“We have sought to ensure the comfort and security of all participants in this special event and there will be an ambulance and medical attendants on standby to provide support, if necessary,” she added.

The foundation said that for people who will not be able to run, but would like to make a donation to the project, an account has been established at Jamaica National to facilitate them.



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