Jeffrey ‘Agent Sasco’ Campbell addresses JN Scholars at the JN Scholarship Awards Reception held at the JN Bank Half-Way-Tree branch last September.

The JN Foundation is offering 17 five-year scholarships to students who have achieved a minimum placement score of 320 in the 2020 Primary Exit Profile (PEP), to enter high school in September.

Fourteen of the scholarships are allotted to parishes, while three are to the counties.  The student with the highest placement score among the applicants from his or her respective parish will be awarded a scholarship.  Concurrently, the top performing applicant in each county, who is a participant in the JN School Savers’ programme, will also receive a scholarship.  These awards are in addition to the 20, which are allocated to children of employees of The Jamaica National Group.

Parents of eligible students are invited to apply for the scholarship by July 20.  Application forms can be accessed from the JN Foundation website at

“This scholarship programme has been ongoing for the past 37 years. We are therefore pleased that in this difficult time caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, that we are able to continue this tradition,” disclosed Onyka Barrett Scott, general manager at the JN Foundation.

“We are committed to the education of young Jamaicans. We see these awards as not only an investment in our youth; but, also an investment in the development of our country, as youngsters who are supported in their educational pursuits often move on to make sterling contributions to our country,” Barrett Scott added.

In previous years, the Ministry of Education assisted in identifying the students for the JN scholarships; however, this year and going forward, parents will be requested to apply directly to the JN Foundation for the scholarship. 

Barrett Scott pointed out that, as part of the eligibility for the scholarship, the child or parent is required to be a member, customer, or client of JN Bank, JN Fund Managers, JN General Insurance Company, JN Life Insurance, JN Money Services, JN Small Business Loans or the Jamaica Automobile Association for at least a year. Only biological parents or legal guardians can apply on behalf of a student, if the child is without an active JN Bank account.

Concurrently, more than one hundred JN Foundation scholars, who are at various stages in their five-year scholarship award, will have their scholarship renewed for the new school year. The renewal will be based on their achievement of at least a 70 per cent average at the end of the Easter term. The parents and guardians of the existing scholars should submit their school report to the JN Foundation in the customary manner.

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