Two hundred persons will be rewarded each month, from October to December, by the JN Group for choosing to immunise against COVID-19 by taking one of the vaccines available. The incentive is being provided under The Jamaica National Group’s Immunise…Save Lives campaign.

The campaign is in support of the COVID-19 National Vaccination Programme and will arm people with information so they can make the best decision to protect themselves and their families; and place the country back on track to achieving its development goals.

Claudine Allen, General Manager of the JN Foundation, said that 200 individuals will be randomly selected each month and rewarded with J$2,500 directly to a JN Money Card.

Ms Allen said persons will be selected every other week. In order to be considered a valid entrant, persons must:

  • Be vaccinated during the period October to December 2021
  • Receive their vaccine from an approved vaccination site
  • Upload photo of vaccination card (front and back) to the JN Foundation’s website,

Their reward will be placed on their JN Money Card, if they already have one, or persons will be invited to apply with their TRN and ID, if they are not yet a cardholder.

“We want to encourage people to get immunised so that they can be protected,” noted Ms Allen, “and by doing so we all will be protected and our children can return to school and we can get back to socializing as we used to before COVID-19. Do it for families, your communities and country.”

Beyond the incentives it is offering, JN will also be engaging communities in conversations under the ‘Immunise… Save Lives’ campaign and establishing partnerships to set up vaccination sites at several of its locations across the country to expand access to vaccines.   

The ‘Immunise… Save Lives’  campaign also includes a mass education component centred on simplifying information for Jamaicans by using accessible language, visuals and personas. The initiative is being championed by the JN Foundation.

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