In line with the United Nations (UN) theme for World Water Day, “Leaving No One Behind,” the JN Water Project will host a “Water Tech-Fest” on March 22 at the JN Bank Half-Way-Tree in its parking lot.
Onyka Barrett Scott, general manager of the JN Foundation, administrator of the JN Water Project, said that the event will be held to mark World Water Day, which is observed on March 22 by the UN; and, to assist Jamaicans to adapt to climate change, by implementing measures to achieve more efficient and cost saving use of water.
“Billions of people across the world are living without safe water. While Jamaica is blessed with an abundance of water, we want to send the message of enhancing climate resilience, through the use of water adaptation technology in the housing sector; and the need for us to practice water efficiency in our homes,” Mrs. Barrett Scott said.
She stated that the event will showcase water adaptation devices, which will be displayed on site by various suppliers in the industry.
“There will be interactive activities, such as: how to read your water bill; how to detect leaks in your toilets; and most important, how to fit water-saving devices onto your pipes, at home,” the JN Foundation general manager outlined.

She further explained that, the event, to commence at 10:00 a.m., will include presentations from key stakeholders, games and giveaways. It is an open event, and members of the public are invited.

Some of the exhibitors on the day will include: Instant Save, JN Small Business Loan and Aqua Flow Products and Services Limited.

In March 2017 the Inter America Development Bank (IADB) and The Jamaica National Group signed two cooperative agreements to provide JN Bank and the JN Foundation with funding to execute a four-year project entitled: “Financing Water Adaptation in Jamaica’s New Urban Housing,” or the JN Water Project.
The main objectives of the project are to facilitate the uptake of water adaptation measures in housing across Jamaica, including: the use of rain water harvesting systems, water efficient taps and showers, low-flush toilets, efficient irrigation systems, grey water recycling facilities, and other relevant water efficiency measures.

Contact:  Dionne Rose l JN Corporate Communications

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