As Jamaica and the world celebrate World Oceans Day, Dr. Kwame Emmanuel, project manager of the Jamaica National’s Water Project is encouraging Jamaicans to safeguard the environment and the country’s water resources.
“The damage we do to the environment will impact us negatively, in the medium to long term.  Whether it is the pollution of our oceans or fuelling climate change through greenhouse gas emissions,” he stated.
Dr. Emmanuel was speaking against the background of World Oceans Day, that is being observed on June 8th under the theme, “Preventing Plastic Pollution and Encouraging a Healthy Ocean.”
He posited that Jamaicans need to reconsider their environmental ethics and how they view and treat our natural resources, and noted that, “The Water Project Jamaica is enabling Jamaican householders to be more actively involved in water adaptation practices, including conservation habits and installing water efficient devices within their households,” he noted.
Dr. Emmanuel explained that untreated wastewater from the housing sector, with contaminants, such as microplastics, is sometimes disposed in coastal areas and negatively impacts water quality and marine resources, including coral reefs. 

He said that The Water Project will assist in reducing this impact by facilitating efficient water use and wastewater recycling.

The Water Project is being implemented by the JN Foundation. Onyka Barrett-Scott, acting general manager of the JN Foundation, underscored the importance of preserving the environment, noting that this is one of the key areas in which the JN Foundation works.
“The JN Foundation implements projects to improve environmental sustainability; and, through The Water Project, we address water management issues related to climate change, which in real terms will affect our already limited water supplies.  Under the Water Project, the JN Foundation is therefore educating householders about individual actions they can take to preserve their environment and water supply,” she said.
The Ocean Project, coordinator of World Ocean Day, has encouraged everyone to help to protect the ocean for future generations by changing their perspective.
“Individual persons should think about what the ocean means to them; and what it has to offer all of us, with hopes of conserving it for present and future generations,” said information on the Ocean Project’s website.
The international body also urges persons to change their ways, as they are all linked to, and through, the ocean.
“By taking care of your backyard and helping in your community, you are acting as a caretaker of our ocean. Making small modifications to your everyday habits will create a difference; and, if you involve your family, friends, and community members, their efforts will benefit our blue planet even more,” said the Ocean Project’s website.
JN’s Water Project is the result of  two Cooperative Agreements signed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and The Jamaica National Group in March 2017. These provide the JN Bank and the JN Foundation with funding to execute the four-year project.

 Dionne Rose l JN Corporate Communications l JN Bank l 

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