In its constant bid to contribute to the preservation of local culture and history, the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) Foundation has committed to execute a four-year project, which will creatively illustrate the foundation and historical development of parishes in Jamaica.

Earl Jarrett, chairman of the JN Foundation, announced the launch of the Parish Histories of Jamaica Project at the recent commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Morant Bay Rebellion, hosted by The University of the West Indies.

He said the initiative was a legacy project, which will have a long-standing effect on Jamaicans at home and overseas.

“The sponsorship of these parish publications is another avenue through which we can preserve our rich heritage and guarantee that future generations, locally and overseas, can access information about significant events, as well as persons who worked hard to build this country we call home,” said Jarrett.

Pilot Programme

He explained that the project was the completion of a successful pilot programme undertaken several years ago, which resulted in the documentation of the history of Westmoreland. And the response to that initial work was tremendous. It has served as the basis for JN to revisit the project on a much larger scale, and to include all the other parishes.

“We recognised the importance of doing this history several years ago; and, therefore, we embarked on a pilot project to document the history of Westmoreland, which is the home of the Westmoreland Building Society, the pioneering organisation, which evolved as Jamaica National Building Society,” the general manager stated.

“And the response to the publication of the History of Westmoreland was overwhelming. therefore, we have decided to continue the project to document the history of the other 13 parishes,” he affirmed.

With St Thomas being the first parish targeted for the project, Jarrett recognised the significance of that parish to the history of Jamaica, and by extension, Jamaica National.

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