The Jamaica Stock Exchange is seeking to launch the JSE Social Exchange by June 2018.This will allow social enterprises to list on its own market on the Jamaica Stock Exchange.
So said Robin Levy, Deputy General Manager of the Jamaica Stock Exchange in an interview following his participation in a panel discussion on ‘Financing Social Enterprises’ at the closing day of the SEBI 2nd National Summit held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.
“Lighter regulations would be expected for this group and investors will be made to understand that the enterprises will be operated for people, planet and profit, rather than just for profit,” Levy said.
He said that, as a member of the Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative, the JSE is committed to the goals of long-term sustainability.  “And if Jamaica is to realise the objectives of Vision 2030, we all need to support the social enterprise sector,” he noted.
He said the Jamaica Stock Exchange has been laying the groundwork for a Social Exchange since 2009.
In response to the announcement Saffrey Brown, General Manager of Jamaica National Foundation, conceptualisers of the Social Enterprise Boost Initiative (SEBI), said: “The Jamaica Social exchange will create a space where for benefit enterprises within the social economy are able to access real capital so the great work that these organisations do can be scaled.”

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