Road-safety infrastructure installed at a section along Holland Bamboo Avenue, in St. Elizabeth, has been effective in better safeguarding the lives of residents living in the area.

In an interview with JIS News, Principal of Holland Primary School, Simone Doctor, said the amenities have been particularly beneficial to students at the institution.

“Anything that has to do with school development and the development of the children, I am always on board. So, all of the amenities and facilities that have been put in place, the children are utilising and they are keeping them safe all around,” Mrs. Doctor said.

The road-safety infrastructure includes a small bridge, sidewalks, laybys, and school-safety and speed-limit signs. They were installed as part of the 2019 Labour Day activities where Holland Primary School was among four institutions selected as national projects by the Labour Day Secretariat.

“The children are appreciative, because they know it is an exact location for them to stand. So, where the sidewalks are, that is where they stand to take vehicles,” Mrs. Doctor explained.

“The [speed] sign has been posted, and right now it is 30 km. Also, rumble strips have been installed on either side of the pedestrian crossing. So, those rumble strips would give the drivers warning to say that you are coming up on a pedestrian crossing, so slow down,” she added.

The Principal said that some sheds at the laybys would be welcome additions to further benefit the school and community.

One resident, Marsha Wilson, told JIS News that the community is grateful for the road-safety infrastructure.

“We feel very good because a long time we want it,” she said, noting that she also has a son and a niece attending Holland Primary School.

“Before, it was very chaotic because the children never had any sidewalk. So, we are glad we get the sidewalks,” she added.


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