Digicel Foundation

Digicel Foundation is a non-profit organization that distributes and utilizes funds on a charitable basis for the sole purpose of building communities and community spirit in Jamaica.

The Digicel Foundation strives to ensure that communities are healthy, primarily through the support of Community based and driven activities which should embrace social, cultural and particularly educational objectives.

  • The Digicel Foundation was created to work with Government and Non – Governmental Organizations which strive to support projects in Jamaica that cater to educational, social and cultural opportunities that will inspire and build positive energy in its citizens, which will in turn lead to stronger, self sufficient communities.
  • Founded in 2004 with a generous donation of J$60 million, the Digicel Foundation was created from the vision of our Patron, Denis O’ Brien, Chairman and Founder of Digicel.Over 200projects have been undertaken since its inception benefiting thousands of Jamaican people and communities. When Hurricane Ivan struck in 2004, an additional J$200 million was donated to rebuild and provide support efforts to its many victims.
  • The unique character of the Digicel Foundation is that its Board is almost entirely comprised of Digicel Staff Members.
  • Digicel employees along with the Foundation assist communities through their time, expertise and leadership

Website: http://digiceljamaicafoundation.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/digiceljafoundation/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DigicelJaFdn
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/digicelfoundationjm/

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