The JN Foundation’s Social Enterprise Boost Initiative (SEBI) mounted the first in the series of its Let’s Talk Social Enterprise 101 sessions, at the Grog Shoppe, Devon House on July 28.

Hosted by a fellow participant in the SEBI cohort, Empress Golding, the event was conceptualized to wet the appetites of persons and groups who are interested in the social enterprise sector.

Saffrey Brown, General Manager, JN Foundation , says that a part of the mandate for SEBI is to provide capacity building for the social sector; and to equip persons with the appropriate tools and strategies to maximize the efficiency and management of their operations.

To facilitate those objectives, the session was used as a medium to officially launch a Social Enterprise Toolkit for aspiring and existing social entrepreneurs and affiliates.

“Although SEBI recently expanded its group of participants, the project is mandated to build capacity beyond the current 21 Social Enterprises,” Brown  pointed out.

She further said  “this was a strategic decision coming out of our experience in the execution of the first phase of SEBI, which exposed the need for accessible resources to guide persons to operate sustainable and profitable social enterprises.”

The toolkit titled, Social Enterprise 101 is the second publication for the JN Foundation, which directly targets the social enterprise sector; and Opal Whyte, Project Manager, SEBI said that, “this edition documents a practical guide for stakeholders, about how to establish, operate and manage a successful social enterprise.”

She affirmed that, “with increased recognition of the social sector, it is anticipated that the event will lead to a fresh approach and interest in the operation and management of social enterprises.”

SEBI is a collaborative effort between the JN Foundation and the United States Agency for International Development  (USAID), geared to foster the development and growth of the social sector through mentorship of entrepreneurs operating social enterprises.

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