Students and householders received greater appreciation for how they can conserve on water, with the installation of water saving devices and practicing water-saving measures at home, from the Water Tech-Fest exhibition, which was mounted by the Water Project Jamaica.
The Tech-Fest was held at JN Bank’s Half-Way-Tree branch, in observation of World Water Day on March 22, under the theme “Leaving No One behind.”
“It was an informative exhibition. I learned how to conserve water at home and at school,” said Jhardine Daley, a student from Ardenne High School, who viewed the exhibition with his teachers and peers.
Jane Dennis, a JN Member, found the exhibition very interesting, especially the display mounted by AquaFlow, which demonstrated how customized water bottles and kegs, which were converted with spouts, would come in handy during water shortage and lock offs.
“The displays were very interesting. I learned how to conserve water and to detect leaks at home. The conversion of kegs with spouts was also useful,” she said. “The Scientific Research Council’s (SRC) display was very applicable, as they gave me ideas about how to get my products checked at the SRC. I have a cosmetic business, and have developed my own line of products,” Miss Dennis related.
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The exhibitors at the Tech Fest included: Instant Save, JN Small Business Loan, Isratech, SRC and Aqua Flow Products and Services.

Onyka Barrett Scott, general manager of JN Foundation, administrator of the Water Project Jamaica, said that the main objective of the exhibition was to sensitize members of the public and encourage them to play a proactive role in being “water smart.”

“This project helps us to see simple and practical things we can do on a daily basis, to reduce the amount of water we use in our homes; and if we can do that, then we will manage the resource better. Hence, the aim of the exhibition was to give patrons the opportunity to test various devices they can use in their homes or businesses and to help them become familiar with some of the suppliers in the space,” she said.
The Water Project Jamaica, which commenced in March 2017, is a four-year collaboration between the JN Foundation, JN Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Climate Investment Funds and the Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience.
The project was designed to address water management issues primarily related to climate change.

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