The uncertainty of job security has put Christine Richards on edge. However, the mother of two is grateful that, although she may join the unemployment line soon, her daughter’s education expenses are covered.

Why? Because her daughter, Tehilia Richards is the JN Foundation’s Primary Exit Profile (PEP) scholarship recipient for Manchester. “I was so excited, I just could not believe it and simply said to my daughter, ‘you see God is working everything out.’ And, it came in the right time,” she related with gratitude.

“Right now, I’m not sure that I will still have a job at the end of this month. But if it were not for this scholarship, I know that I would have to be purchasing books, covering school fees, and other financial costs; but I do not have to worry about that, because all those things will be taken care of. Therefore, it is like a blessing,” she informed.

At the same time, she is not surprised that her daughter did so well, to be awarded a scholarship, as from kindergarten, she was always a high achiever. However, the pandemic posed a challenge, as she pointed out that the online classes made her became complacent. At the same time, she had the support of her mother, who also monitored Tehilia; and her older daughter, who is in fifth form, while she was at work during the days.

“This additional support allowed her to do well in the PEP exam,” she pointed out. Ms Richards’ encouragement to parents is to support their children every step of the way, by going the extra mile to get them the resources, so that they can do well.

“Get as much past papers as you can. Let them practice the exercises in the textbooks. I did not leave her out. I gave Tehilia a lot of exercises for the different subject areas. Because,if they get the concept right, they will be ok. I would encourage all parents to sit with their children and help them with their schoolwork,” she advised.

Tehilia is now attending DeCarteret College in Manchester. “I was happy when I heard that I got the scholarship. This scholarship will assist my parents to cover the cost of my education, and for that I’m grateful,” she informed.

The McIntosh Memorial Primary School graduate said that online classes were difficult, because she learned much better in “face to face classes.” However, she put in extra work and did a lot of ‘past papers,’ which assisted her to do well in the PEP exams.

“Make a schedule to study. Also, take time to relax and do things that you enjoy. There should be a balance,” she said.

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