Mayor of Falmouth, Councillor Collin Gager, is taking the 2019 Hurricane Season very seriously, as he stocks up on hurricane tools, and prepares residents in the event of a disaster.

“Our biggest fear here in Falmouth is flooding. Therefore, we need to ensure that we take the proper precautions, in the event there is a hurricane, we are prepared,” he said.

Gager informed that the Trelawny Municipal Corporation was cleaning drains and replenishing its hurricane supplies, which include equipment to cut down trees, shovels to clean drains and blockage, among other resources.

“What would happen if we were to receive the amount of rainfall which fell in The Bahamas? It would be something to reckon with. Therefore, we need to be prepared. We must ensure that our staff and disaster coordinators are well organised and have the necessary tools,” he explained.

In response to the needs of the Corporation, the JN Foundation presented hurricane supplies, including saws, shovels, water boots and raincoats, to assist with its disaster preparedness.

“We are happy to assist in addressing the needs of the council by providing these essential equipment,” Onyka Barrett Scott, general manager of the JN Foundation, said at the handing over event recently.

Gager pointed out that over the years, the parish has been affected by flooding in vulnerable communities such as Wakefield and Troy.

“Therefore, we ensure that we do proper drain cleaning and clear the sinkholes, to allow water to run off. In addition, we also educate our people about the importance of keeping the sinkholes free and clear,” he said.

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